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07.08 По миру "плодятся" фальшивые продавцы Apple

06.08 Американский король спама сдался агентам ФБР

05.08 В Вологодской области будут судить чиновника по делу о томографах

05.08 Полицейские Невского района подвели итоги борьбы с незаконной игровой деятельностью

04.08 Следователи рассказали жуткие подробности убийства тульской семьи

04.08 Прокурор Тульской области: Предполагаемый убийца тульской семьи - интеллигентный молодой человек

04.08 В квартире убитой семьи в Туле проведут следственный эксперимент

02.08 По-глобальному, Петербургу не хватает "человекообразия"

02.08 На дне Балтийского моря нашли НЛО - выглядит почти в точности как космический корабль из "Звездных войн" (фото, видео)

02.08 Смерть огня

02.08 Всевидящее око на дороге

02.08 Алексей Смирнов: «Группа “Кафе” всегда была коллективом, близким к панку»

01.08 Компьютерные игры, с элементами насилия, изъяли с прилавков норвежских магазинов

01.08 Жители округа "Петровский" сожалеют, что так и не увидели газету с объявлением о выборах Матвиенко

29.07 Смерть огня

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XBLUE-77A2 AMD™ 770 Chipset and AMD™ SB700 Chipset AM3 CPU ready Supports Socket AM2+ AMD Phenom Supports Socket AM2 64-bit dual core & Athlon64 X2 processor Supports Dual Channel DDR2 1066/800 Integrated Serial ATA2 3Gb/s with RAID function Integrated Gigabit LAN Support WI-FI Technology Support G.P.I Technology Integrated ALC662 HD Audio CODEC with 6.0 CH CPU Vcore 7-Shift Ready for Windows® Vista™ ATX Form Factor

AMD Phenom™ Quad-Core Processors with True Quad-Core Technology
Realize new possibilities for connecting with friends, family, and digital entertainment with the phenomenal performance of the AMD Phenom™ 9000 series quad-core processor. Built from the ground up for true quad-core performance, AMD Phenom™ processors speed through advanced multitasking, critical business productivity, advanced visual design and modeling, serious gaming, and visually stunning digital media and entertainment.

AMD 770 Chipset: Backbone of the Performance Platform
The AMD 770 Chipset supports dual PCI Express® 2.0 slots for next generation ATI CrossFireX graphics cards. Get the upgrade flexibility needed for a leading-edge performance rig. Both the AMD 770 Chipset enable you to enjoy your games without compromise. Backed by single or dual PCI Express® 2.0 slots, turn your PC into the ultimate gaming machine. The AMD 770 Chipset are loaded with the latest Hyper Transport 3.0 technology optimized for high-resolution gaming and HD video. Both the AMD 770 Chipset allow the performance of dedicated graphics across a high-speed PCI Express® 2.0 interface to edit and enjoy your HD media.

Jetway G.P.I Technology
G.P.I is the acronym for the “Green Power Indicator” technology. Jetway’s motherboard series with G.P.I technology have a specially designed chip for real-time detecting CPU workload. The green power indicator will automatically turn off when CPU workload is heavy and turn on when CPU workload is light to indicate power saving mold being activated.

WI-FI Technology
WIFI--Full name is wireless Fidelity. It has been used in Notebook,mobile phone,PDA,digital cameras and Mobile Terminals widely.With WIFI. We do not need to worry about the speed and high spending when we dailing long-distance calls,browsing web pages,receiving and sending E-mails,loading music,delivering digital photos.

Pro Magic Plus System Recovery Software Embedded
Restore important data back right away, allowing your system to be operated under a safe environment. This amazing software not only provides convenient instant restoration, but also brings data back to the preferred state at any specific time point as you wish. Moreover, it combines several other functions such as anti-virus, backup software, uninstall software, multi-booting etc. to satisfy your needs of all sorts of system protections. No more worries on new virus or system failure!

Serial ATA2 3Gb/s & RAID
This platform supports reliable storage solution for enhanced data protection and data accessing performance. Serial ATA 3Gb/s is firstly introduced in this platform to provide blazingly 3Gb/s bus bandwidth thus higher disk performance. The SATA RAID allows multi-disk designs to be set up as RAID 0, 1,10 based on users’ priority of protection/performance, and which even makes more accessible by introducing the innovative windows-based facility.

PCI-Express Gigabit LAN
Delivers transfer speed ten times faster than conventional 10/ 100 Ethernet connections, supporting a high transfer rate up to Gigabit/s. Gigabit LAN is the networking standards for the future and is ideal for handing large amount of data such as video, audio, and voice.

CPU Vcore Shift / Shift to the scalabilities and flexibilities
The adjustable voltage for CPU Vcore can be upgraded in 1 stages for the precisely hardware dynamic over-clocking of demanding computing performance.




Supports AMD Socket AM2+/AM2:

AMD Phenom processors Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron processors Chipset AMD™ 770 Chipset + AMD™SB700 Chipset Hyper Transport Bus HT 3.0 Memory Dual Channel DDR2 memory technology 2 * 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots Supports DDR2 1066/800 non-ECC ,un-buffered memory Max.4GB Expansion Slots 2 * 32-bit PCI slots 2 * PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots 1 * PCI Express x1 slot Storage

AMD™SB700 Southbridge Chipset :

6 * Serial ATA2 3Gb/s connectors Supports HDDs with RAID 0,1,10,JBOD functions 1 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE connector Audio Realtek ALC662 HD Audio CODEC with 6-Channel Ethernet LAN Realtek RTL8111CVC PCI-E Gigabit LAN USB Embedded 8 * USB 2.0/1.1 Special Features Advanced Power Design that supports the latest Socket-AM2 K8 CPU "IMAGE IT!" System Backup Software and "ProMagicPLUS!" System Recovery System Rear Panel I / O 4 * USB 2.0/1.1 ports 1 * PS/2 mouse port 1 * PS/2 keyboard port 1 * SPDIF_ Out1 port 1 * RJ-45 port 1 * COM port 1 * Audio I/O port Internal I / O 2 * USB 2.0/1.1 headers for 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports CPU / Chassis Fan connectors 1 * 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector 1 * 24-pin ATX Power connector 1 * Serial port of 9-pin block 1 * WI-FI header CD / AUX Audio in 1 * oltra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE connector 1 * Floppy connector & 1 * IR header 1 * HDMI_SPDIF header BIOS Award 8MB SPI Flash ROM Form Factor ATX Form Factor

Type Version size Description Date Download BIOS A03 1MB

1.Update AMD Agesacode to
2.Update SouthBridge CIM code to 4.2.0.

2008-11-7 Download Link BIOS A02 1MB

Change M2 default ratio to MAX ratio.

2008-9-11 Download Link

Type Version size Description Date Download Sound   44M Onboard ALC HD Sound Driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP , VISTA

2008-8-28 Download Link LAN   11M OnBboard Realtek PCI-E Lan Driver

os: Windows 98SE , 2000 , Windows XP , VISTA

2008-8-27 Download Link Chipset   105M AMD 770 Chipset Driver

os: Windows VISTA 32/64bit

2007-11-8 Download Link Chipset   3.7M AMD 770 Chipset Driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit , Windows 2003

2007-11-8 Download Link Raid   3.7M Onboard Jmicro Raid driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP

2007-11-8 Download Link

Type Version size Description Date Download Manual 1.0 3.08MB


2008-8-21 Download Link

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