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07.08 По миру "плодятся" фальшивые продавцы Apple

06.08 Американский король спама сдался агентам ФБР

05.08 В Вологодской области будут судить чиновника по делу о томографах

05.08 Полицейские Невского района подвели итоги борьбы с незаконной игровой деятельностью

04.08 Следователи рассказали жуткие подробности убийства тульской семьи

04.08 Прокурор Тульской области: Предполагаемый убийца тульской семьи - интеллигентный молодой человек

04.08 В квартире убитой семьи в Туле проведут следственный эксперимент

02.08 По-глобальному, Петербургу не хватает "человекообразия"

02.08 На дне Балтийского моря нашли НЛО - выглядит почти в точности как космический корабль из "Звездных войн" (фото, видео)

02.08 Смерть огня

02.08 Всевидящее око на дороге

02.08 Алексей Смирнов: «Группа “Кафе” всегда была коллективом, близким к панку»

01.08 Компьютерные игры, с элементами насилия, изъяли с прилавков норвежских магазинов

01.08 Жители округа "Петровский" сожалеют, что так и не увидели газету с объявлением о выборах Матвиенко

29.07 Смерть огня

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M2A692-GDG AMD 690G Chipset and AMD SB600 Chipset. Support Socket AM2 64-bit dual core AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor. Support HTT 1000MHz. Dual Channel DDR2 800 Memory DIMMs Supported. Support 4 Serial ATA2 Devices with RAID 0. 1 . 10 . Ready for Windows Vista . PCI Express Gigabit LAN Supported. Azalia HD 8-Channel Audio CODEC. CPU Vcore 7-Shift / BIOS BACK & DeBug Port . Micro ATX Form Factor.

Socket AM2 64-bit AMD Athlon 64 Processor with HyperTransport Technology
AMD64, a revolutionary technology allowing the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications. HyperTransport technology can increase overall system performance by removing I/O bottlenecks, increasing system bandwidth, and reducing system latency.

AMD 690G Chipset: Backbone of the Performance Platform
AMD 690G chipset is AMD,s performance class IGP platform solution. With embedded Radeon X1250 graphics core, DVI, and HDMI technologies, this advanced chipset pumps an exceptional performance of VPU, delivering incredible graphics and blistering performance. AMDTM 690G chipset provides incredible flexibility and unlimited upgrade potential as it supports all Radeon PCI Ру E graphics cards on a system configured for either single GPU or next generation multimedia operation. Designed with ATI,s unique architecture to optimize speed and stability, this solution is perfect for overclocking Ру without the need of additional cooling systems.

AMD SB600 Southbridge Chipset
AMD SB600 Series offers advanced technologies and superior performance to any chipset platform solution for AMD or Intel-based desktop and mobile applications. With superior performance and broad-based connectivity, SB600 is rich in all the latest advanced features such as 10 USB 2.0 ports and audio. Designed for full data access for the fastest Windows Vista experience, it features new disk controller technologies that ensure fast file access while providing encryption for data security. AMD SB600 is designed with advanced power management for low power consumption and energy efficient platforms.

BIOS BACK Function: The BIOS Backup and Recovery Function
With the new support for the Serial Peripheral Interface, the whole motherboard series are embedded with the new storage of the extra bin file for BIOS recovery. When unexpected error occurs, even the BIOS crashes down, you can restore your BIOS with just simply clicking to restart your system. The backup bin file will recover automatically within a few minutes.

CPU Vcore 7-Shift / Shift_to the scalabilities and flexibilities
The adjustable voltage for CPU Vcore can be upgraded in seven stages for the precisely hardware dynamic over-clocking of demanding computing performance.

Debug Port: The Professional Hardware Diagnosis System
Being bugged of abnormal system failure through the tossed and turned nights no more, the embedded Hardware Debug Port offers you the real-time visual system healthy for the demanding usage of computing. No more bugging by unknown system failure and no more time wasted in the first moment of 24-hour nonstop ping business computing, the embedded Debug Port will turn you into a well training hardware professional with the seeing system situation.



CPU Socket AM2 HTT 1000 MHz AMD?Athlon 4 With HyperTransport Technology Compatible with 64-bit Dual Core AMD?Athlon 4 X2 Processor Chipset AMD 690G Chipset + AMD SB600 Chipset . Memory 4 * 240-pin DIMM Sockets for unbuffered Dual DDR2 800 SDRAM up to 8 GB Expansion Slot 2 * 32-bit PCI Slots / 1 * PCI EXPRESS x16 Storage 2 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE Devices Support Embedded AMD?SB600 Southbridge Chipset Supports 4 Serial ATA2 HDDs with RAID 0 . 1 . 5 . 10 Functions. Audio Realtek ALC880 8-Channel Azalia HD Audio CODEC Ethernet LAN Realtek RT8111B PCI-Express Gigabit NIC . USB Embedded 8 * High Speed USB @ 480 Mbit / s Special Features Advanced Power Design that supports the latest Socket-AM2 K8 CPU IMAGE IT!°® System Backup Software and °ІProMagicPLUS!°® System Recovery System Rear Panel I / O 4 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s 1 * PS / 2 Mouse & 1 * PS / 2 Keyboard . 1 * D-Sub 15-pin Connector & 1 * HDMI Connector . 1 * RJ45 Over USB2.0 Cpmmectpr . 1 * Audio I / O . Internal I / O 2 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s for 4 USB 2.0 Ports CPU / Chassis Fan Connectors. 1 * 12V 8-pin ATX Power Connector and 1 * 24-pin ATX Power Connector . 1 * Serial Port 9-pin Block . 1 * Parallel Port 25-Pin Block . CD / AUX Aubio in. 1 * Floppy Connector. BIOS Award 4 MB Flash ROM . Form Factor Micro ATX Form Factor (244mm * 210mm).

Test Report Performance List                                   The following performance data list is the testing result of some popular benchmark testing programs. These data are just referred by users, and there is no responsibility for different testing data values gotten by users (the different Hardware & Software configuration will result in different benchmark testing results.) Performance Test Report CPU:                      AMD K8 Athlon 64 3500+ ( AM2 / 512K L2 cache ) DRAM:                          ADATA (ELPIDA E5108AE ) DDR2-667 512M X 2 1G Memory ( Dual channel ) VGA Card: Onboard VGA share 64M / Geforce4 6800GT 128M (1024X768X32BIT Color) Hard Disk Driver:   Seagate Barracude 7200.7 SATA150 BIOS:                      BIOS Load Optimal default OS:                             Windows XP Professional (SP 2)   J2M2A691 J2M2A691+6800XT   R08 R08 3D Mark 2001SE 4658 18394 3D Mark 2003 1398 7687 3D Mark 2005 922 2910 3D Mark 2006 287 1344 AQUAMRK3 (GFX / CPU) fail 47853 ( 6438 / 9319 )  PCMark2005  PCMark / CPU / Memory 2550 / 3206 / 3801 3485 / 3182 / 3820  Graph / HDD 1220 / 4457 3395 / 4255  Content Creation Winstone 2004 33.1 33.6  Business Winstone 2004 25.8 22.3  Winbench 99 V2.0:  Business/Hi-end Disk Winmark99 11100 / 40900 11600 / 41400  Business/Hi-end Graphic Winmark 827 / 1980 1350 / 2160 SISMark 2004 : SISMark Rating (Internet Content Creation / Office Productivity) SISMark 2004 186 ( 201 / 173 ) 185 ( 197 / 173 ) 3D Creation / 2D Creation 191 / 244 178 / 186 / web publication 174 174 Communication / Document Creation 181 / 184

178 / 186

/Data Analysis 156 157 SISOFT Sandra 2007 :1.CPU Arithmetic Benchmark 2.Memory bandwidth Benchmark 3.CPU Multi-Media Benchmark 1.Dhrystone ALU MIPS 7981 7908 Whetstone FPU iSSE2 FLOPS 4753 6700 2.Int/Float Buffered iSSE2 MB/S 5001 / 4954 5180 / 5134 3.Integer/Floating-Point iSSE2 IT/S 20750 / 22484 20187 / 22315 UT2003 Benchmark FPS 63.11 / 37.34 250.53 / 90.02 DOOM3 FPS 9.2 fail Super Pi (1M) Second 41s 41s CPUZ System / MEMORY / CPU Mhz 200.3 / 314.8 / 2202.9 200.3 / 314.8 / 2202.9

Type Version size Description Date Download BIOS A09 512KB 1.Update AMD Agesacode to 2.08.11. 2.Support AMD CPU BE&LE Series. 3.Update VGABIOS. 4.Support Pioneer Blu-ray BD-ROM BDC-202. 5.Update PXEROM. 6.Remove Video Display Devices Item. 7.Modify EPA Logo(only for M2A692-VP). 8.Support ALC662(only for M2 2007-11-22 Download Link BIOS A08 512KB 1.Update AMD Agesacode to 2.08.09. 2.Changes HDAUDIO verb table(only for 8CH HDAudio). 3.Changes virtualization item default value from disabled to enabled. 2007-8-16 Download Link

Type Version size Description Date Download Sound   44M Onboard ALC HD Sound Driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP , VISTA

2008-8-28 Download Link Sound   44M Onboard ALC HD Sound Driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP , VISTA

2008-8-28 Download Link LAN   11M OnBboard Realtek PCI-E Lan Driver

os: Windows 98SE , 2000 , Windows XP , VISTA

2008-8-27 Download Link Chipset   133M ATI RS 690 Chipset Driver (include Onboard VGA)

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

2007-5-1 Download Link Chipset   119M ATI RS 690 Chipset Driver (include Onboard VGA)

os: Windows VISTA 32 bit / 64bit

2007-5-1 Download Link Monitor   222K ATI RS 690 M/B Hardware Monitoring

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

2007-1-29 Download Link Other1   4.7M ATI RS 690 M/B Raid Disk

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

2007-1-29 Download Link Other1   14M ATI RS 690 HDMI Driver

os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

2007-1-29 Download Link

Type Version size Description Date Download Manual 3.0 1.4M AMD 690G/690V CHIPSET & AMD SB600 Chipset Based M/B for Socket AM2 64-bit Dual Core AMD Processor 2007-6-22 Download Link Manual 1.0 3M based on AMD 690/690V&AMD SB600 Chipset Chinese manual 2007-1-27 Download Link

Type Version size Description Date Download Utilities 8.83 11.3KB BIOS Update Utilities when using AWDFLASH£®we recommend version newer than V8.83£©to renew the BIOS of this version,/cd/cp/ch/wb/qi°±parameters are required 2007-6-26 Download Link Utilities 8.83 11.3KB BIOS Update Utilities when using AWDFLASH£®we recommend version newer than V8.83£©to renew the BIOS of this version,/cd/cp/ch/wb/qi°±parameters are required 2007-6-26 Download Link

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